ETAI Forum Vol. XXIX No. 1 - Fall 2017

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Letter from the ChairSusan Bedein4
Letter from the EditorsJulia Mor & Sara Gabai4
Effective Teaching for Effective Learning: ETAI Summer National Conference5
ETAI “Back to School” Conference Report
Does Success Come Before Work in the Electronic Dictionary Too?
A Quick Look at the Different Models
Julia Mor7
Concerning the Classroom
Breaking Down Classroom WallsSusana Galante9
G-L-O-W: Making Prewriting Work Harder and Do MoreDonna B. Feldman11
Testing Oral EnglishBernard Spolsky13
Diplomacy and International Communication: The Five Point Major
Studied in English
Jennifer Sternlicht14
Literature and Language
Integrating Art When Teaching LiteratureDonna B. Feldman16
Too Late to MorphologiseBarry Silverberg20
Spotlight on Special Needs
Video Lessons for SEN StudentsJulia Koifman23
Teacher Training &
Adopting the Lexical Approach in EFL Classrooms: From an Israeli
ELT Trainee’s View
Ronit Breslaw27