These handouts are Microsoft Word documents (.doc),
PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) or Adobe Reader (.pdf) files.

Spring ETAI Yagur March 2010

Writing: Bagrut, Projects and now Bridging to Literature - doc (entire presentation as ppt) - Ann Shlapobersky

Special Workshop: Maghar February: Giving A Presention

Presentation on Presentation - Penny Ur

Designing an Effective PowerPoint Presentation - Ann Shlapobersky

Mini-ETAI Rehovot February 2010

Teaching grammar: research, theory and practice (ppt)- Penny Ur

Teaching Students How to Write Not Mission Impossible (ppt) - Efrat Zipor

StoryTelling Workshop – Learning through Stories (ppt) – Nicola Crowley (British Council)
StoryTelling links (doc)

Mini-ETAI Bet Yerach January 2010

Ten Steps Behind and Trying to Catch Up – What can you do? (doc – bibliography only) - Ann Shlapobersky

Reflection (ppt)- Aviva Shapiro

Hands On Small Groups - Sara Cove

Mini-ETAI Ohalo January 2010

VOCABULARY TEACHING: Some insights from the research (ppt) - Penny Ur

Mini-ETAI Kiryat Ono January 2010

Accuracy and correcting mistakes (doc) (ppt) - Penny Ur

The Importance of Friendship in the EFL Classroom - Garry Austin

ETAI Winter Conference – Be’er Sheva – December 2009

Sing-a-Lauren Sing Me a Story! - Laurie Ornstein

Macmillan Education, Teacher Resources Website (One Stop English) and Books - Howard Burns, Macmillan Education

Holocaust Survivor or שואה – Active or Passive? - Sara Gabai – ORT Rabin Gan Yavne

Rap Up Your Lessons - Kara Aharon

Sparing the White Child: The Lessons of Uncle Tom’s Cabin for Children in an Age of Segregation - Barbara Hochman, Ben Gurion University

“Who by Fire”: A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Learning - Laura Shashua, Levinsky College of Ed, Rabin JHS, Azor

Teaching Vocabulary: Going Beyond the Texbooks - Penny Ur, Academic College of Education

Writing: Bagrut, Projects and now Bridging to Literature - Ann Shlapobersky, Eric Cohen Books

Making Sense of Nonsense: Teaching Poetry and Grammar with the Jabberwocky - Orley Marron, Bar Ilan University

Read Them a Book! (ppt) – Michele Ben, Ginsburg HaOren JHS, Yavneh