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Summer ETAI Conference – Jerusalem

Vocabulary Expansion: Going Beyond the Textbook - Penny Ur
Teacher, is copy/paste one word or two? - Ann Shlapobersky
It’s Not in the Dictionary - Susan Holzman
Step-by-Step Classroom DebatingMitzi Geffen
Big Ideas for Small Group Hours (handout) - Jennifer Spigelman
Reading is Fun (handout) - Kara Aharon
LogsAviva Shapira

Mini-Conference - Maghar

Using the Mother Tongue (ppt) – Penny Ur
Teacher, is copy/paste one word or two (ppt) - Ann Shlapobersky

Mini-Conference – Har V’ Guy

Using Film in the Classroom (ppt) + handout - Nicola Crowley
L1 in English teaching (ppt) – Penny Ur

Winter Conference – Beer Sheva, December

It ain’t necessarily so – Myths and truths in English teaching (ppt) - Penny Ur
Using Songs as Text (doc) - Kara Aharon
Future Horizons (ppt) - Ann Shlapobersky
Grammatically Yours…in a Song (doc) - Laurie Ornstein
Teaching (English) in a Changing World (ppt) + worksheet (doc) – Fran Sokel

Mini-Conference – Afula, October

A Process Toward Change (ppt) - Manal Daghash
Preparation for the Oral Bagrut (ppt) - Tracy Piada 
Learning Styles (ppt) - Khulad Asad Shbat

Tips for Tasks (ppt) - Debbie Gabai
Vocabulary Teaching in Middle and High School  (ppt) - Penny Ur
Vocabulary Teaching in Middle and High School (doc) - Penny Ur 
Beyond Van Gogh (ppt) - Suhair Shalab