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ETAI Summer Conference 2012 – Jerusalem

Conference News Flash – session summaries by our roving reporters, photos and more.

Read a blog post by Michael Weinberg in the Times Of Israel

ETAI Spring Conference 2012 – Yaffo

Little Red Riding Hood and All The Rest - Lyn Barzilai
Set the HOTS on Fire - Leah Doryoseph
Children’s Books – Literature for Kids - Kara Aharon, English is Fun

ETAI Mini- Conference – Eilat

Visualizing your Understanding (ppt) - Ann Shlapobersky
Introduction to Poetry
Flowers are Red
Amina and the Animals
Graphic Organizers:
Sequence of Events
Story Map
Mind Map (

ETAI Winter Conference 2011 – Nahalal

Who’s Afraid of the Digital World (ppt) - Ann Shlapobersky
One Person’s Junk is Another Person’s Treasure (ppt) - Jennifer Spigelman
From Blackboard… to Smartboard (ppt) - Shikma Chamberlin
Little Old Lady and materials (doc)- Gunther Volk
Kinderscene and materials (doc) - Gunther Volk
Be Healthy in English (doc) - Kara Aharon
Preparation for the Oral Bagrut - Tracy Piada
Beyond the HOTS: Computerized Unit on Gender - Rawia Hayik
So….What is Effective Teachin? - Fran Sokel

ETAI Mini-Conference – Ohalo

Accuracy and Correcting Mistakes - Penny Ur