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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Wednesday, July 14th 2010


Thursday, July 15th 2010


in Focus
- Research in English language teaching and learning
in Israel (2004–2009)
Larissa Aronin and Bernard Spolsky
Language Teaching, Volume 43, Issue 03, July 2010, pp 297-319

(Cambridge University Press provides free access to the state-of-the-art
article for the conference attendees for them to have a time-limited
download access to the paper from the journal’s web page.)

Monday, July 12, 2010
18:00 Gala Opening Event
Queen of Sheba Hall

Sponsored by the British Council UK
British Council Launch Party

Come along and join the British Council teachers
as we launch our exciting new British Council website for learners

Greeting and Introductions

19:00 – Prof. David Crystal and Hilary Crystal

Speaking Shakespeare: Fact and Fiction
A light-hearted romp through Shakespeare

Your colleagues from around the world will be joining us at David
Crystal’s presentations which is being aired live on the British
Council Island on Second Life. Come along and meet your English
teaching avatars! Brought to you in partnership with AvatarAcademyTM
powered by MetaverSense Ltd.


Several well-known international speakers have already
accepted our invitation to speak at the International Conference.

These include:

  • David Crystal (UK)
  • Wendy Arnold (UK)
  • Zoltan Dornyei (UK)
  • Ramon Lewis (Australia)
  • Joe Lo Bianco (Australia)
  • David

We shall also hear from local Israeli speakers of international
repute, among them:

  • Batia Laufer
  • Elite Olshtain
  • Kari Smith
  • Penny Ur
  • Richard Curwin
  • Ofra Inbar
  • Judy Steiner
  • Lily Orland-Barak

There will also be a rich program of ‘extra-curricular’ activities:
a tour of Jerusalem, an evening reception, a conference dinner and
varied cultural events.

Israel Discount Bank
Eric Cohen Books
Upp British Council
Park Hotel
Ramada Hotel English Adventure