In 2015 ETAI established a Special Interest Group (SIG) dedicated to Teacher Training and Development (TT&D). Among the aims of the TT&D SIG are to generate ETAI conference sessions on a higher academic level for the general teacher population and see more teacher trainers and college instructors participate in the conference.


Statement of Purpose

teacher training
Image by Shane Global via Flickr under CC BY 2.0 license 

 Create a forum for discourse on TT&D

 Broaden ETAI’s reach to a larger population of TTs

 Create a community of TT’s within the wider framework of ETAI



A three-pronged approach:

 TTs as teachers: more TTs giving sessions at ETAI conferences

 TTs as peers of Ts: exchanging ideas

 TTs as life-long learners: making sure our conferences and publications address the needs of TTs.



College and university instructors, teacher trainers in the pedagogical (pisga) centres, inspectors and counsellors.


Past Events