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Plenary Speaker: Russell Stannard

Sponsored by the British Council

Russell Stannard

From the conveners

We all know how much teachers, and especially English teachers, need a good rest at the end of the school year. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to a piece of music, watching a movie or participating in a drama improvisation? These are just some of the ways you can relax and make time for yourself at this year’s ETAI Summer Conference. Our invited guest speakers are experts in their fields who, together with the many ETAI members, are ready to share their ideas and creativity in talks and workshops. These will inspire, excite and invigorate you in all aspects of your classroom teaching by taking you out of your coursebooks and literature assignments into a world of Music, Mime, Movies and More.

Susan Bedein and Eleanor Satlow
Conference Conveners


Even More!

Pre-Conference Event on July 7

FREE  for ETAI members who have pre-registered  for the conference

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Conference fees

The conference fees are the same as in 2012 and 2013

ETAI members
Two daysNIS 130 NIS 90
One day NIS 85 NIS 65
At the door
Two daysNIS 160 NIS 110
One day NIS 95 NIS 85
Note: Members who preregister for the conference are entitled to attend the pre-conference event (PCE) at no additional cost. You must also preregister for PCE.
Two daysNIS 260 NIS 185
One dayNIS 160 NIS 135
Note: Non-members may pre-register for the conference but there is no preregistration discount for non-members